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Flight Etiquette; the Uncomfortable Stuff I/We Endure

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windows-dell-venue-8-pro-crowded-airplane-large-3People who share a flight together will more than likely never see each other again.  This may be why some folks misbehave.  Don’t you wish they could all be as lovely and well mannered as you and I? Maybe you can help me with some ways to handle these sorts of situations. As a person who has been on many flights, here is my list of the some etiquette to consider:

Stinky: These are the folks that, well, have bad breath, or, shall we say, some digestive issues.  I suppose I could just offer a mint, as if to say, “Hey, I love these mints, want one?” But how to deal with the other issue? Any thoughts?

Sitting Bull: If I paid for my premium seat, or planned enough in advance to get that extra leg room exit row seat, it is so uncomfortable to be asked to move.  I would of course do so if it is a parent that would be separated from their child, but what about two friends that decided last minute to head off to wherever on a whim. Help me on this one!

Landing Leaper:  We are all in a hurry.  If someone needs to make a mad dash to catch a connection – I so get this and will certainly make an exception! But what is up with the people that leap in front of everyone to be first in line?

Dirty Laundry: It is so uncomfortable to be party to an argument between friends or spouses.  How does one gently remind them that private matters are not meant for public places?

Oblivious: Parenting is not easy, this I know – I raised three successful and amazing boys. In my mind, parenting is not something you take time off from, I mean you need breaks so by all means get the grandparents to take the kids for an evening or two (us grandparents LOVE to babysit for you!).  But how is it that some parents feel it fine to turn off when other adults, adults that are not family or friends, can certainly take up their slack.  Oblivion is a poor parental choice and though I don’t have time to conduct parenting lessons on the plane, can I least ask the parent to have their child refrain from kicking my seat?  What do you do in this situation?

Un-Ruly: Rules were not always meant to be broken, especially when there are others to consider.  I am not particularly fond of people that take up over head space in the front of the plane, then mosey on to the their seat in the back of the plane. Am I being too picky here or is this an actual infraction of airplane etiquette? Would love to hear your thoughts.

Sneezy: Or cough-y, or flu-y, or whatever is ailing this poor person. I am so very sorry they are sick, but I will be even sorrier, and perhaps even a bit upset, if I too end up sick.  Can we make it a rule that they wear a mask, or can I at least give them a mask to wear and not seem all authoritative and germ-phobic? Help me on this one!

Now it’s your turn, have you seen any of these lacking-in-etiquette flyers on your flights?  Have any hints for me on how to help them become like you and I? Comment below!


Thank you to ispottv for the photo. 

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