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Football Food

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Super Bowl LII happens this Sunday, February 4th. We will watch Philadelphia Eagles vs New England Patriots. Memorable commercials will ensue. Justin Timberlake will rock the half time show. And we will eat. We will eat our weight in chicken wings, nachos and more. Personally, I hope to be invited to a party where the hosts understand the importance of ensuring that as much food as possible is served in the shape of a football. Who wishes to invite me and, also, here are some ideas for you:

Cheese and Crackers: On a large platter, arrange salami slices into a football shape in the center. Surround this with a couple rows of cheese slices, and a couple rows of crackers, keeping all in the football shape. Use cheese sticks to create the football laces.

Cheese and Crackers, Take 2: Pick your favorite savory cheeseball recipe, encrust it with nuts, then cut cheese slices to mimic the laces. If you are making a sweet cheeseball recipe, encrust it with chocolate chips, using white chocolate chips to create the laces.

Deviled Eggs: Since the eggs are already football shaped, deviled eggs are a perfect Super Bowl fare. Use chives to create the laces.

Rice Krispie Treats: Easy! Use the cocoa flavored variety of Rice Krispies to make the treats, form into football shapes and use piped icing to make the laces.

Sandwiches: Make sandwiches using dark rye bread, cheese and your favorite deli meat, then cut into football shapes. Use piped mayo for the laces.

Cookies: Use a football shaped cookie cutter to for sugar cookies. Use piped icing, small chocolate chips or string licorice to create the laces.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries: Make your own or purchase some. Melt white chocolate chips in the microwave and pipe the chocolate to create laces.

Pizza: Shape the pizza dough into a football shape. Top with sauce, your favorite toppings and cheese. Use cheese strips to make the laces.

Cinnamon rolls: Purchase ready to make cinnamon rolls and pinch opposite ends to create a football shape. Once baked, let cool, and use piped icing for the laces.

Football Fare for your Football Day, Meeting Planner! Have fun and may the team you root for win!


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