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Jill Stone

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For the Meeting Planner who has Everything . . .

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It’s no secret that meeting planners lead glamorous jet set lifestyles where we are wined and dined and showered with lavish gifts. So what’s a gal or guy to do when it comes to buying that perfect present for the meeting planner? Go quirky! Seriously, here are some fun ideas for not only you the fun and spunky meeting planner, but also your fun and spunky friends.

Colorful Meditations: Ever since the internet became abuzz with how coloring is just as beneficial as meditation (and we all know about meeting planners and stress!), adult coloring books have been showing up on store shelves and online stores. Here are some awesome examples for colorful gift giving. I have been known to color inside AND outside the lines occasionally and encourage others to do so as well J

Funny Phoney: There is no end to the silliness of these phone covers. Some look like beverage mug handles, oversized ears and retro toys. Perfect for the unpredictable meeting planner on the go.

Daily Dishonesty: Honestly, these notebooks are hilarious! Sometimes you just have to celebrate the little things.

Coffee Stat!: For those meeting planners that need that extra little oomph in the morning. I admit to needing one of these on a daily basis J

Well Dressed Office: Check out these lovely, easy to assemble Terrarium Kits; a perfect addition of green for any office.

Presenter Help: Does your company VIP have stage fright? Or perhaps needs a bit of assistance with story-telling? This book to the rescue!

Dogs Barking: Don’t forget these essential shoes for every meeting planning gal out there.

Spare No Expense: Not your average Dom Perignon for the not-so-average meeting planner.

Oh and just in case you’re wondering, I wear a size 7 ½ shoe J

Happy Holidays, Meeting Planners!

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