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Get some Zzzs on the Road

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Anyone who travels to conferences and meetings will tell you that getting a good night’s sleep is not always easy. We are creatures of habit and comfort; we like our own beds, sheets and blankets, not to mention our before bed rituals.

Here are some tips for getting a good night’s sleep while on the road:

1)     Bring comfy ear plugs and pajamas with you. Make sure to pack these items as they could mean the difference between a soothing snooze or tossing and turning.

2)      Load your iPod with sleepy tunes; be it sounds of nature, classical or ambient. This will help drown out other sounds as well as create a sense of calm. Many hotel rooms now come equipped with an iPod alarm clock, call ahead of time to find out if this is available at your hotel. If not bring along a travel speaker; these come in a range of prices so be sure to check out online stores such as and for deals.

3)     Consider an herbal sleeping aid. Visit your natural food store or a naturopath for some ideas. Remember to try the remedies before your trip to make sure they work for you.

4)     Buy some lavender essential oil or another calming scent. Just put a few drops on a tissue and lay it next to or under your pillow.

5)     Before turning in try taking a 10 minute warm bath. During the bath think about releasing all tension into the water. This is a wonderful way to create a new travel habit that prepares your body and mind for sleep.

6)     Make sure to block out any bothersome lights. If there is too much light coming in from under the door, use a bath towel to block it out. Make sure the curtains are closed. And, if need be, bring along an eye mask just in case.

7)     Have a cup of warm tea, such as chamomile or a chamomile blend, before bed. Even better, sip your tea while you are taking that before bed bath.

Republic of Tea offers a nice little travel kit called get some zzz’s which contains an eye mask, ear plugs, and a soothing lavender & chamomile pillow spray, all in one handy place. It also makes a great gift for the travelers in your life.

Do you have any helpful travel sleeping tips? Let me know!


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