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Getting From A to Z

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Unless you are planning a virtual conference, transportation is going to come into play when planning for your meeting. Whether it be traveling by air, car, bus, cab, train or one of the other myriad forms of transportation, you will at the very least need to supply your attendees with the various options, if not out right plan it all for them.

These days there are more transportation choices than ever, so I wanted to share some new ideas with you!

  • Go Green: If one of your meeting goals is to go as green and as CO2 friendly as possible, you will want to check out Green Transportation. Some cities actually list your choices for you; check out Holland’s site where they list not only public transportation and trains, but also hiking (the power of man), electric excursions and canal boat.
  • Unique Transit: Check to see if your host city provides any interesting modes of transportation. San Francisco, for example, offers Pedicabs, which are open-air cabs that fit two riders and friendly driver.
  • Apps-on-the-go: Well of course there are apps! Do some research to find out if the host city is included in any apps designed to help people navigate city transit via subways, metros, busses and the like.
  • Bike and Meet: You could also just have attendees hold a meeting and bike at the same time. Or some cities offer bike rentals.
  • Outside the Boxcar: Certain cities have definitely gone quite a bit outside the boxcar when it comes to modes of transportation. Check out these interesting offerings, which include a Chicken Bus in Central America, a Camel Bus in Cuba and a Hovercraft in the UK!
  • UberEVENTS: Uber is becoming ubiquitous! The company recently announced this new service for meeting planners and event organizers who wish to provide pre-pay rides for their guests.

The next time you need to get your people from A to Z, be sure to check in with your host city to see if they have any interesting forms of transportation to offer. And, just in case, here are some options you may wish to forgo.

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