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Ghostbusters Check In

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The next Ghostbusters movie, hoping to be a blockbuster movie, is out. If the Ghostbusters were real, there are some hotels and other venues that may wish to give them a call and comp them a few rooms. Through my blogging years I have highlighted some of the properties that favor the more haunted side (Mwahahahaha!).

Here are few for you to check out, if you dare:

  • For those staying in the states and hoping to haunt up a brainstorm with the team or scare up some new sales initiatives, check out and into one of these haunted hotels found in New Orleans, Hollywood, New York and more.
  • Here is another blog bursting with ghostly goings-ons in both the states as well as a bit further away – head over to Edinburgh, London, and Florence for some scary good times.
  • If you are compelled to check into one of these paranormal properties, be sure to specifically request one of these hair-raising hotel rooms by number. The keymaster of these rooms may experience some sightings, but not so much sleep . . .
  • For something a bit creepier, check into one of these castles. Once home to the nobles, they now house ghosts, spirits and other shadowy residents.
  • Some hotels land on the weird side. Though they are not of the haunted variety, they will certainly provide you with some interesting and memorable sites to see!
  • Not to be left out in the cold, there are also quite a few scary conferences could attend. Whether you are wacky about Ouija, wishing to celebrate the supernatural or are a haunted house enthusiast, there is a meeting somewhere, way out there, for you.

If you are looking for something weird in your neighborhood, find out where Ghostbusters is playing in a theater near you. And if you are experiencing nostalgic thoughts about the original Ghostbusters, check out these 20 Things You Might Not Know About ‘Ghostbusters.’

Before you purchase your tickets and head to the theater for larger than life containers of popcorn, humongous sodas and other theater fare, please take a moment to watch this video, which I have produced for your viewing enjoyment.

May your day be slime-free, and may you forego all mass hysteria, Meeting Planners!

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