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Give Me Something I Can Use

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The name of the game for giveaways, especially if you want the recipient to hang onto it and remember you fondly, is to give them something that they will actually use. Here is a list of some the cool giveaways to share at your next event.

  • Sticky Smart Wallet: Mini sticky wallets that adhere to your phone. Perfect for carrying credit cards, hotel room keys, even ear buds. This is one of those items that come in handy for when you only need to have essential items on hand.
  • Petite Loop: Whenever a smartphone owner drops their phone, there is that look of terror, and then the question, “Did the screen crack.” Petite Loop is a handy lanyard that helps to lessen the chance of dropping your phone. At least until this happens.
  • Lip Balm: A necessary item that people tend to hold onto. You can go next level with EOS or TEK-OS, or how about one of these fun options.
  • Survival Tool: This credit card sized tool includes a can opener, knife-edge, ruler, screwdriver, saw blade, wrench and more. Just be sure to put it in your checked bag.
  • Power Bank: We are so very reliant on our devices and when the battery drains and there is no outlet in site, a power bank can be your very best friend. They are small, easy to carry and wildly popular.
  • Microfiber Cloth: Keeping screens clean everywhere; these can’t-do-without items are necessary for phones, tablets, laptops and more.
  • Promotional Cards: Treat your tradeshow visitors to music downloads, movie rentals, eBooks and other digital goodies.
  • Moscow Mule Mugs: Give your visitors a new way to imbibe and think of you while doing so. Make sure the recipe is included.
  • Shirts: The new cool “in” shirts are billboard shirts. If these go beyond your budget, t-shirts are still in and people will wear them, especially if they are well designed and are high quality.

All of these items can be branded with your logo and/or tagline. Your friendly promotional company contact can lead you in the right direction. May all your giveaways be swag-a-licious!

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