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Go for the Green!

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“Green Meetings” continues to buzz about in the trends – which is a very good thing! Some cities are greener than others. So why not plan your next meeting where green efforts abound and support these cities’ efforts?

In San Francisco the city streets are lined with blue bins for recyclables, green for compostables and black bins for “regular” garbage. As a result they have been able to keep 77% of discarded materials out of the landfills. They have also banned the use of plastic grocery bags.

More than 2.5 million square footage of the roofs in Chicago support plant life due to the Chicago Green Roofs Program.

Seattle has over 20 LEED Certified buildings. As well, their residents are provided with incentive programs that encourage the use of solar.

Cambridge, Massachusetts has instilled a program called “Compost that Stuff.” Organic waste from area hotels, as well as restaurants and bars, are collected and processed, keeping less throw away from making it into the landfill.

Boston has plans for replacing its fleets of taxis with hybrids. They are also promoting the use of motor bikes, as well as solar solutions.

Portland, Oregon is number one is sustainability. It encourages bike riding with its miles upon miles of bike lanes. Classes on sustainable food (beekeeping and planter gardens, for example) are very easy to come by. The city is extremely progressive in its urban planning and dedicated to environmentally conscious policies.

The next time you are planning a meeting, go support one of these green cities. And bring back the inspiration to your community.

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