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Hacky Pack

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Where there is vacation there is travel, and where there is travel there is packing – and when it comes to packing I am a pro! I love learning about new and awesome hacks for packing. In my many recent travels about the internet, I’ve discovered some new packing hacks to share with you.

Hair Holders: If you are curling or straightening your hair and then immediately packing to be on your way, you will need to make sure your hair accessory does not catch your suitcase on fire. For this use a pocket pot holder. The appliance can be stored safely inside and will ensure that your suitcase does not get too hot to handle.

Wine Not: I encourage you to bring along your own wine, and then once that wine has been enjoyed you should purchase additional wine to bring along home. Wine not? Of course you’ll want to make sure your bottles travel safely from one happy hour time zone to another. Enclose your bottle in an arm floatie!

Let’s Makeup: Rather than pack a full bottle of foundation or moisturizer, simply pour a dollop of the product into clean contact lens cases; less to carry, super easy for travel and can be easily stored in your carry-on bag.

Don’t Be a Pill: An empty pill bottle is perfect for storing small items. In particular, cotton swabs will fit quite nicely in an empty pill bottle! For jewelry, let me suggest you use a clean and empty pill case.

Shower Me with Shoes: Hotel rooms sometimes include a plastic shower cap right next to the shampoo and conditioner bottles. These caps are perfect packages for shoes (in my case many, many shoes), and will keep any possible shoe dirt from your shoe bottoms from transferring onto your clean clothes.

For more amazing hints on how to pack for your summer travels, check out my PACK, Man Pinterest board!

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