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Happy Easter Egg Hunt!

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Easter Egg Hunt

Easter is this weekend! I, of course, will be taking the grandkids out for an Easter Egg Hunt. Here’s a helpful hint for to share with the kids: run straight to the back of the hunt area, they will end up with more eggs since everyone starts with the first egg they come upon. That’s right, Gammy Jill knows the scoop. Since I do not want you to feel left out of the game, I’ve created a bit an Easter Egg Hunt for you.

Get your baskets ready for the Easter Egg Hunt and let’s collect, virtually that is, some meeting planner goodies.

List-en to this: We love lists. Planners usually have lists of to do’s with each to do having it’s own separate list. In case you missed it, I shared several awesome meeting trend lists on my 2016 Lists of Lists.

Error Message: The meeting planner dream, even though it may seem impossible, is to accomplish an event free from errors; tough to accomplish since we do have little control over items like weather and flight delays. That said, errors could be greatly eliminated if you follow the advice in these blogs; number 1 and number 2 for Error Free Events.

Trains, Planes and Automobiles: Transporting attendees from one place to another is quite the feat to accomplish in and of itself. Nowadays there are more choices then ever; including bikes and boxcars. Check out the more interesting ways of Getting from A to Z.

Spoon Fed Advice: With the overwhelming amount of information we see, hear and (probably need to) learn daily about the latest in tech , wouldn’t it be nice if someone would wade through it all and only share the highlights? They did! Check out One Cool Tip.

#IAmTheBomb: You sure are meeting planner! And in case you need to show off your #Hashtag savvy, check out this blog about Event Hashtag Promotion.

App-ropiate: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “There’s an App for that.” A few months ago I shared some of the latest and greatest Mobile Apps for Events.

Charge!: Know thy fees, meeting planners, as there are many.

I hop, I mean hope, you got a real ear-ful today. May you and yours have a wonderful Easter and may all your eggs be filled with money, or maybe cookies, or perhaps wine.



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