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Happy Happy Joy Joy!

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unnamedAccording to the Chinese calendar, 2013 was the Year of the Snake, but for me it was the Year of Dolphin, the animal that symbolizes JOY! My 2013 kicked off with big-time JOY.  My beautiful granddaughter, Norah, was born. She has been an absolute delight ever since.

The rest of the year followed suit.  I achieved Master’s Club status for the 2nd time during my career with HelmsBriscoe. This year’s conference was held in April in Orlando, and it was so much fun to celebrate with my colleagues. Hey, there are dolphins at Sea World, I am sure they could feel my JOY!

As my year moved forward I received further confirmation that people do in fact enJOY my blogs.  I was on an airplane home after a meetings conference and sat next to the VP of Sales of a large hotel chain. We struck up a conversation and at one point she realized who I am and said, “I read all your blogs!” She then reached into her briefcase and pulled out copies of a number of my blogs, “I always print them up and read them when I am on the airplane.” Wow! What a wonderful thing to know.  Made my heart leap for JOY.

In 2013 I officially became a TED-head. Not only from the perspective of enJOYing these amazing and inspiring talks, but also from the actual planning of a TED event. I was asked to be the Director of Events, though I prefer the title of Detail Diva, for the locally organized TEDxGatewayArch.  Myself, along with several other enthusiastic and innovative volunteers, held our first big annual conference this past Saturday and it was a huge success with a sold out crowd. I have so much more to share, so keep your eye out for an upcoming blog just about this.

As the year progressed I was invited to represent HelmsBriscoe and participated on a panel of meeting planners for a CVB.  It was a lively discussion about all things meetings and events, we were well received and I loved sharing my experience and wisdom with the attendees.

My husband and I went to Italy for some much needed rest and relaxation.  We so enJOYed our stay, and yes, the food is as wonderful as one might imagine it to be.

Finally, I found great JOY in working on behalf of my clients; finding the best deals and space possible for every one of their meetings.  I am blessed with an amazing list of clients that allow me to do what I do best, and that are so appreciative of the time and care I take to help them make each meeting a success for them and their organization. Thank you clients and hotels for helping me find JOY each day.

Here’s to a JOYful 2014!

*Thanks to the Last Word on Nothing for the image!


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