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Happy Nostresstivus!

in: Event Planning Advice


We are in the thick of the holidays. We are all making our lists and checking them many times over. We are hoping that the let it snow waits until we are let out of the stores and back in our beds while visions of sugar-plums dance in our heads. And good ole St. Nick had better be on it with the gifts as we have all been quite good little girls and boys! On top of it all, the holidays happen at the end of the year when a whole heck of a lot more than presents must be wrapped up in order to start afresh for the next year. Stress!

Introducing Nostresstivus! Yes, this holiday is celebrated on the 2nd Saturday of December and has “unknown origins.” My guess is that the good folks over at Frontier Airlines may have had a hand in making this holiday happen 😉 Either way, I love the idea of it.

Nostresstivus promotes a stress-free holiday where there is no need for fancy decorations, a tangled ball of lights will do just fine. If holiday carols are making you think it’s beginning to sound a lot like the same as it ever was – everywhere you go – opt for a favorite mix tape instead. Nostressivus promotes no cooking and no worries on setting up fancy dinner tables with fine china; eating straight from the food carton is preferred. Yes, the more I learn about it, the more I love this holiday.

Personally, I have been celebrating Nostresstivus each and every day, I just didn’t have a name for it until now. Creating stress-free site selection is the reason for my existence. It’s what I do for you! I save you time and money in planning your meetings. I also take out all the headaches and heartaches; allow me to send out the RFPs, gather together the important information about venues, and use the negotiating power of the largest booker of rooms on earth (HelmsBriscoe!) and make sure all those contracts are in order.

So eat (out of the carton), drink (your beverage of choice) and be de-stressed, Meeting Planners. Enjoy your Nostresstivus non-festivities on December 9th, and give me a holiday ring-a-ding when you are ready to destresstivus your meeting planning!


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