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Hassle Free Happy T-Day: Thanksgiving Prep

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Meeting planners plan many events in far away places, but sometimes those events are a little bit closer to home. If you are on for Thanksgiving this year, here are some ways to take off the stress of preparation so you can enjoy the day.

Pre-made Turkey: Yes! Pre-made turkeys are for real! There are several places that offer them, but you’ll need to do a Google search to find the places in your area. For example, Whole Foods offers delivery and pick up options for Thanksgiving, but you will want to check if this service is available for your area.

Can it: Not all canned foods are yummy, but canned cranberry sauce is a sure bet. You can go the whole berry route or the jelled and sliced route. Check your store for varieties from Ocean Spray.

Bread and Butter: Visit your favorite bakery and buy that bread (and butter). No reason to spend time making what someone else has perfected! Consider providing a few different options ranging from a rustic white to something more adventurous like garlic rosemary bread.

Side Notes: You can purchase some sides pre-made; again, check with your local stores. Another option is to go for some make-ahead side dishes. Or go for a few easy-to-make, yet elegant side dishes. For salad, buy a pre-made salad mix and add in a bit of holiday with dried cranberries and roasted pumpkin seeds.

Best Beverages: Make sure to have the standards; water, tea, soda, beer and wine. But also consider a few more interesting offerings like hot-spiced cider (made in a crock pot), an interesting non-alcoholic wine, a fruit fermented soda or local brews from your town.

DESSERT!: Pumpkin Pie can be purchased from many various places. If you feel the pies are too boring for your taste, dress them up a bit. Also check out Cracker Barrel (you can get the entire meal there!). FoodyDirect offers a great variety of yummy desserts for delivery – including an Oprah favorite – that also happens to be made right here in my own hometown, the infamous Levee High Caramel Pecan Apple Pie.

Well Centered: For that table centerpiece, make it easy! Fill a beautiful bowl with baby pumpkins, pomegranates and a bit of greenery. Add a table runner and small tea light candles. Collect some pinecones and pine sprigs and display them in a carved out pumpkin “vase.” Or, visit the florist and buy a centerpiece!

Enlist Help: Finally, ask some of your guests to pitch in and bring along a contribution or two. Your guests know you’re busy and will be happy to help!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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