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Haunted Meetings

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Haunted Meetings

I have talked about Haunted Hotels, More Haunted Hotels, Haunted Hotel Rooms and Creepy Castles. This year we are going to take a look at meetings that hover around haunted subjects. So here goes . . . .

Haunted America Conference is coming up in June. It’s a conference where paranormal enthusiasts from across the nation share ghost stories and hold panels about the supernatural. This year you can learn about Civil War Hauntings and Haunted Prisons.

Ouijacon is held once a year and features some of the world’s most foremost authorities on what they refer to as talking boards. The conference includes lectures, workshops and collectors that are all about the Ouija.

Scarefest dubs itself as America’s Top Horror and Paranormal Convention. Here you can hang out with horror writers, directors, special effects artists and more. There are all sorts of events including costume contests, film festivals and seminars on paranormal investigations, profiling the hoaxers, and how to know if you are psychic or not.

World Ghost Convention celebrates the supernatural. This is a place for those who have experienced supernatural occurrences, for those who want to raise public awareness of such experiences or are just plain curious.

Midwest Haunters Convention is a large Halloween show dedicated to actors, enthusiasts, home/pro haunters and Halloween enthusiasts. There is a tradeshow, bus tours, entertainment and seminars all centered on your favorite chilling holiday – Halloween.

Hauntcon is the perfect place for those that love to go to or create haunted houses. There is a haunted house tour, but also educational offerings on haunted house marketing and design, special effects makeup, prop building, set design and actor training. Which makes me wonder, does the guy at the haunted house with the chainsaw take acting lessons?

Werecon is where the werewolves share their wares. Witches should check out Crucible. Apparently, vampires have no need for a convention, but if you want to know what bars they fang and hang out at, you can find that information here.

May your meetings only be haunted if you’ve planned them that way. Happy Halloween, Meeting Planners!

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