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Have Food, Will Travel

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Some foods can be quite the friend when a drug store is not within reach. Here are some easy to take along foods that may prove to be invaluable on your next trip.

Ginger Tea is wonderful for colds, as well as nausea.

Small Packets of Salt, Pepper and Sugar may be necessary when you are eating flavorless food in a place that has no condiments in site. As well, the salt can be used for a gargle if a sore throat crops up or can be put directly on a mouth ulcer. Sugar makes for a wonderful a body or facial scrub, especially when mixed with a bit of olive oil.

Olive Oil can be used as a skin or hair moisturizer and does not contain any chemicals or scary ingredients.

Honey is anti-bacterial, wonderful for those acne breakouts. For a wonderful facial cleanser that also exfoliates, mix 1 Tbs of honey with ½ Tbs baking soda.

Baking Soda has uses too numerous to list in one blog. For a full list check out this page. But know that baking soda neutralizes odors, makes a great toothpaste, can be used for heartburn, is wonderful for scrubbing dishes and can be used as a fire extinguisher. All this for less than $1 a box!

Bananas are great for relieving stress, as are pistachios.

Avocados may not be the easiest item to pack, but if you can buy some to have on hand wherever you are you have a hair conditioner, skin moisturizer and cleansing cream. As well, rub into the skin for protection from UV rays.

Vinegar is a wonder to be used on jelly fish and insect stings. It can also act as a deodorant and facial toner. Brush your teeth with it to whiten teeth and nix bad breath odor. It is also a great all around cleaner for countertops, bathrooms and more!

Trail Mix provides both quick energy and protein, it keeps those hunger pangs at bay.

Energy Drinks are most helpful when your energy is lagging, but many are overloaded with calories, sugar and caffeine. My new favorite is 10 calorie, no sugar ZipFizz which comes in a variety of flavors, is easy to carry and is loaded with energy packed vitamin B12!

Do you travel with any food? Tell us what and why!


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