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Hello College Graduates!

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Has it sunk in that you have graduated? Are you excited, but also a bit nervous, about the future? Are you ready to take on the world, is the world ready for you? I’ve been in business for a while now and have a few thoughts I’d like to share with the you:

  • What are you uniquely qualified to do? Each of us comes prepackaged with given gifts, the trick is to know what those and how such gifts can help you to craft your career. Think of each job you have, each move you make and each bit of grunt work you do as steps toward honing in on your true purpose and making the most of those gifts!
  • What makes your heart sing? This is important as it provides insight into your passion. You may not know exactly what your passion is as of yet, but you are well on your way if you pay attention to what brings you joy.
  • What breaks your heart? This too is important as it helps you to develop your legacy. Your legacy may be separate from your career, but it could also be related to your career. This could be charitable work, even starting your own charity, or it may be about redefining a company or workplace, or creating something that changes lives for the better. If there is something that should be changed, or could be better, go for it!
  • Do you want to quit? If you find yourself in a job or relationship or friendship that is simply not working out, you could quit, but only do so if it’s for the right reasons. Sometimes strains within a relationship are opportunities for great growth. Be open enough to consider that it may be worth the time and energy to fix it.
  • Is there more to learn? Yes! This is an absolute yes. Always be willing to learn, to try new things and to take on new skills. It keeps you young! You will one day be 50-something, and wouldn’t it be nice to still feel like the 20-something you are now – you can be, but you must commit to being a forever learner.

So off into the world you go, graduates. Be the wonderful you-s that you are and we thank you advance for the amazing things you will do!

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