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Helpful Animals

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bambiRecently I attended a talk by Arianna Huffington of the Huffington Post; the talk was about the many “helpful animals” in our life. All of us have our own set of helpful animals. Here are some of mine!

On Mother’s Day, like many other American children, I attended a gathering to honor my own mother, Patricia. If Patricia were an animal she would be like Bambi’s mom; she gave birth to me, nurtured me, supported me, and taught me to stand on my two feet. My Grandmother, Evelyn, is like Dumbo’s mom, Mrs. Jumbo; loving me just as I am, giving no never mind to Jill and her own set of big ears – aka wacky ways.

I have amazing helpful animal friends, like:

  • Bambi’s friend Thumper and Pooh’s friend Tigger, always willing to laugh and have fun

  • Bambi’s friend, Flowers, odorous to some, but sweet as a flower to me

  • Pooh’s buddy, Eeyore, reminding me of how negativity looks, and how positivity is so much better : )

  • Cinderella’s mice friends, Gus and Jaq, who free her from her prison so she can live her dreams

Pooh’s Wise Old Owl reminds me of the teachers in my life; those that were willing to share every ounce of their intelligence and giving of sensible advice.

My 3 sons, like Louie, Huey & Dewey, Donald Duck’s nephews, were always getting themselves into some sort of mischief. They have each, in their own way, taught me many a lesson (because, “I said so” NEVER worked). I like to think I taught them well, as they have grown to be incredible young men and have me so very proud!

In my late teens through early 20’s, I had several jobs which brought many a talented animal into my life. The cantankerous Pooh Rabbit  taught me how not to behave in a professional setting.  When I started my own business in working with HelmsBriscoe, the helpful Beaver (from Lady & the Tramp) came to me in the form of a Regional Vice (whistle) Pres(whistle)ident, who was ex(whistle)tremely instrumental in cutting down the “trees(whistle)”, “damming” the obs(whistle)tacles and “paving” the path to help make me become the success (whistle) I am today.

Sometimes I’m like Dory and need my own Nemo’s Dad to help me get back on course (thank you to my husband Rick for playing this role).

I work each day to be a helpful animal to my clients. At times I must be laser focused and ready to pounce, much like Diego. Sometimes I need to come to their rescue in negotiations and attrition, just like the dependable Manny. Other days, I can provide them with some much needed comic relief, much like Sid.

I am surrounded by a forest, jungle and sea of helpful animals. How about you? Who are your helpful animals? Come on over and share with me on my Facebook page.  No really, come over, no need to be a shy Piglet!

*Thanks to Joblo for the image!

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