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Hi-Tech Scavenger Hunt

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The uses of QR Codes are staggering! You can create QR Codes that will point to a website, carry your contact information (like a digital business card), go to a video, even contain a quote or secret message.

With this in mind, here is a fun idea for your next meeting. You can create a scavenger hunt of sorts using QR Codes to guide your guests’ way. The possibilities are endless, here are some thoughts to get your meeting planning creative juices flowing.

Let’s say that rather than holding your event in one room, you set up several destinations for your guests to enjoy. Share the first destination with guests, it is then up to them to figure out where to go next and so on. At each location they are presented with, or need to find, a QR Code that will lead them to their next stop, or provide them with a clue or hint for figuring out the answer to a puzzle or riddle.

Such an event could be conducted in an area where there are several restaurants, bars and/or businesses within walking distance of each other. If your meeting’s property offers several outlets (for example a pool area, game area, restaurant, bar, etc), you could utilize these areas – perhaps providing different appetizers and drinks at each – then plan for the hunt to eventually end up in a ballroom. This concept could also work at a tradeshow; vendors could sign up to sponsor the scavenger hunt and provide a smaller gift to participants or even a larger prize to one of the finalists.

QR Codes are simple to create; do a Google search for QR Code Generator, or try out Kaywa or (for instructions on how to use, go here). As well, you could also download an app to your smart phone to create QR Codes. For the Droid try QR Code Generator and for iPhone try Optiscan. Another great idea is to have professionally designed QR Codes made for your event. Check out (put website here) to learn more!

To read QR Codes you will need a scanner for your smart phone. For Droid download QR Droid and for iPhone try QR Reader.

And keep your eye out for my blog scheduled for the beginning of January where I will be announcing my own QR Code “scavenger hunt.” You could win something really cool. That is all I am saying for now : ) , more to come.

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