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Holiday Airport Travel Hacks

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Travel Hacks

It is my most sincere wish that if you are traveling in December it’s for fun and maybe even some sun. No matter where you are traveling, however, this time of year tends to be crazy at the airport. As an early holiday gift to you I present a few ideas to make your travel a bit more pleasant. You may be in-the-know on some of these items, so feel free to share this blog with those you will be traveling with or meeting up with for holiday cheer.

• App It Out: Here are some great apps for you. Seat Guru helps you pick the perfect seat for your flight. Gate Guru provides a door-to-door solution for the traveler on their day-of travel.
• “Loud” Luggage: Make sure you luggage stands out from the crowd of basic black. You can purchase colorful suitcases or include a noticeable luggage tag.
• Go Digital: Check in online and have all your boarding passes and maps downloaded to whatever device you may carrying.
• Photographic Proof: Take a picture of where you park your car at the airport so you remember how to get back to it when you return.
• Check-In Check: Stay as close to the business check in as you can. It is not as busy and they will (hopefully) show mercy to those in the long queue if they are not currently working with anyone.
• Security Brisk: Keep all those bags filled with small liquid items accessible to so you don’t have to search through your suitcase last minute. Before packing, take an inventory to make sure items like nail clippers or scissors did not find their way into your carry-ons. Check your pockets for change. Don’t wear heavy metal items (unless it is a Metallica t-shirt). If you are bringing your own water bottle, make sure it is empty. Stand in the lines to the left, research shows most people go right.
• Chill Pill: Don’t forget to wear a large scarf, poncho or jacket so you can stay warm in the case of a chilly airport or airplane. You can always take it off once you are seated.
• Power Up: Power outlets tend to be in short supply at the airport, bring along a power splitter. If you have little time to charge up a phone running low on battery, charge it in airplane mode for faster charging.
• The Unexpected: Good chance it will happen, so plan for it. Carry an extra set of clothes and essential items with you.
• Entertainment Time: Download a movie to your tablet, bring along a good read on your Kindle, and load up your phone with awesome tunes. The sooner you get this done, the more ready you will be for your trip.
• Send Gifts: If you have gifts to give, pack them up and send them ahead of time. You can use the same box to send gifts home. Even better, give gift cards. Another idea is to offer to take everyone out to eat or to a movie as your gift to them while visiting.
• ATM It: Use local ATMs for cash, especially when in a foreign country. This way you will not need to find a currency exchange, which can sometimes charge more fees than a bank.

Happy Holiday Travels to you Meeting Planner!

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