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The Holidays are Not Over: March Part 1

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holidays not over

We gave thanks, decked the halls, rang in the New Year, sent chocolates and flowers to our Valentine and celebrated Washington’s B-day. Then there’s March (trombone slide).

Hold on there! Just because there are no bank holidays, does not mean there is nothing to celebrate. Some of us will celebrate the more known holidays like Fat Tuesday aka Mardi Gras (March 1) and St. Patty’s Day (March 17). But there is so much more.

If you have yet to embrace National Days, this is the month to start. There are days that bring awareness to important health challenges like Multiple Sclerosis (March 1) and Tuberculosis (March 21). There are also days that focus on causes like National Proofreading Day (March 8) and World Water Day (March 22). I’m going to focus on the more lighthearted variety.

March 1 is National Peanut Butter Day, National Pancake Day, and Paczki Day. You can combine two of them in one sitting, peanut butter on, and in, pancakes rocks! It will have you saying, “Dadgum That’s Good!”

By the way, I’d like to stop writing for a moment and say that you, yes you Meeting Planner, look especially vibrant today.

Moving ahead to March 5, there’s Cinco de Marcho. Yes, you read that right, not to be confused with its cousin (or should I say “primo”) coming up in May. To properly celebrate this month, you will want to drink some alcohol as a preparation for the upcoming St. Patty’s Day celebrations. Of course, please do not over-imbibe. If you do drink consider Absinthe, as this it it’s day. Don’t drink on an empty stomach, eat some Cheese Doodles.

On March 10 you should Pack Your Lunch with Popcorn and Ranch Dressing (I mean, we put it on everything anyway, why not popcorn?). Throw in a Blueberry Popover to really round out the meal. This is also the day to wear a Nametag, play some video games featuring Mario (get it? Mar10) and tune into some Bagpipe tunes, or at least tunes that feature bagpipes. Do all of these and you’ll be Awesome.

March 14 or 3/14 or 3.14 (15926 . . . ) aka National Pi Day celebrates the mathematical wonder of Pi, but there is no reason not to also celebrate the taste-sensation wonder of pie. Pie can be quite sweet, so balance it out with salty Potato Chips. This is also the day to Write Your Story, and learn about Butterflies.

Wow, we’re only halfway through the month! I’ll catch up with you later – right now, I need to go take a nap!

Yay for celebrations!

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