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Hoppin’ Down the (Colorful) Bunny Trail

in: Event Planning Advice


When I gaze down the bunny trail I see tulips, bunnies and Easter baskets ready to be filled with delightful and colorful Easter eggs. Get your baskets ready! Today we are going to hop down that trail and find some wonderful meeting planner advice.

Green: Green is a popular color with meetings planners! We are greening up our meetings and saving green in the meantime. Over the years I’ve shared blogs with you about Going for the Green and ensuring that your meeting is Really Green.

Yellow: Speaking of saving the green, I shared ideas for Bargain Shoppers, which includes an awesome item called PriceBlink. Once installed on your computer browser, a yellow bar will alert you to where to find lower prices on the items you need (or want!); like maybe new shoes?

Blue: There is no need to feel blue when you can score awesome Travel Gadgets like Bluetooth Ear Buds, or find amazing places to celebrate the red, white and blue.

Pink: A lovely hue for egg décor is pink, but don’t wear the hot version of pink if you are heading to a meeting in China. This and more international travel etiquette tips can be found here.

Orange: I love to talk about new and amazing food trends. In case you missed it, catch up and learn about the food and drink for 2017, which includes Middle Eastern fusion cuisine serving up foods flavored with pomegranate, sour cherry, fenugreek, sumac and orange blossom.

White: OMG did someone forget to color an Easter egg? If you need to know about AV (this includes white boards!), ADR, CMPs, IPOs and RFPs, here’s some great FYI’s for you!

Gray: Though not the best color for an Easter egg, the steadfast gray-faced Facebook profile picture may reveal if you know someone who is a Triassic Park Meeting Planner.

Black: This color of egg may stand out on the bunny trail, but it won’t stand out as the color of your suitcase on the luggage carousel. Check out this blog about Holiday Airport Travel Hacks.

Colorful: All the colors of the rainbow can be helpful in keeping Attendees Awake!

Thank you Meeting Planners for bringing all the beautiful colors to me each and every day! Happy Easter!

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