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Awesome Hotels for Your Wish List

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2Most hotels look pretty much the same.  Not that there is anything wrong with that!  There is a certain comfort in staying in a place that is familiar and that you can count on for certain comforts. But sometimes you need more; here are some hotels that are AMAZING!

Ladera Resort promises luxury in St. Lucia.  Here you can experience a room with a private pool overlooking a stunning blue Caribbean Sea and sweeping volcanic mountains.  There are many exciting excursion adventures to choose from and when you get back you can hit the spa.

Giraffe Manor in Kenya allows you to talk with, or at least have breakfast with, giraffes! The giraffes are part of a resident breeding and conservation program.  Check out their photo gallery for more pictures like the one above.

Loisaba, also in Kenya, promises a night under the stars, literally! Here, sleeping under the stars has been elevated to a whole new level with their Star Beds.

Treehotel in Sweden has you sleeping in the trees, but in a style! There are several rooms to choose from, all with beautiful views of the Lule River Valley. The area offers several seasonal activities including dog sled tours in winter and kayaking in summer!

We go from high in the treetops to deep down into the ocean at Conrad Maldives Hotel. This hotel has an underwater restaurant where you will enjoy fine dining amongst the coral reefs and vibrant sea life.

If you are looking for a more private underwater hangout, check out the Manta Resort in Tanzania. Book your next vacation at this floating bungalow, complete with a sunken room where you can live (and breathe!) with ocean beings.

Experience safari life and sea life at the stylish Phinda Homestead. Your private house comes complete with a dedicated staff to cater to every vacation whim.  Go on safari to view elephants, cheetahs, and lions – oh my!  As well, do a bit of snorkeling to take in some sea life.

If you are looking for a major adventure, these places fit the bill!  Enjoy, have fun and see some sites you have rarely, or better yet never, seen!

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