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Hunger Games

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Creating a well-rounded menu for your meeting can mean the difference between attendees that are lively and energized or attendees that more closely resemble a hoard of walking dead zombies (eeek!). Welcome to the Hunger Games ala Meeting Planning.

Here are some helpful ideas to keep in mind for your next event. These menu hints will keep your group humming and alert all day long!

  • Breakfast: Steer clear of continental. Instead think protein, complex carbs and whole grain. Some good options are yogurt with fruit, veggie omelets, or an oatmeal “bar” with a selection of yummy toppers like berries and nuts.
  • Lunch: Hearty sandwiches made with whole grain breads, fresh meats, veggies and dip, and interesting condiments like flavored mustards and relishes.
  • Hot Lunch/Dinner: Lean meats like grilled chicken breasts in a light sauce, seafood in a citrus glaze, lightly sautéed vegetables and whole grain rolls. Another idea is a whole grain pasta in marinara sauce with meatballs made from lean ground beef.
  • Beverages: Outside the standard beverages, consider interesting flavored hot and ice teas (not flavored with sugary syrups, however), or sparkling water with a splash of cranberry or pomegranate juice. Make sure to have plenty of water! Dehydration makes for tired people.
  • Breaks: Hummus with pita, crudites, mozzarella cheese sticks, nuts, whole grain pretzel sticks with honey mustard, fresh fruit smoothies and protein bars.
  • Desserts: Fresh fruit served with a bit of gourmet real vanilla bean ice cream is a nice choice. Of course, it could also be said that a good dessert feeds the soul, so perhaps chocolate lava cakes or caramel cheesecake is in order!

Win at the Hunger Games for your hungry gang! What menu items have you served to win over your attendees?

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