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Jill Stone

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Hut Hut Hut! Part 2

in: Fun Meeting Planning Services

Jill with Peyton ManningAs far as I am concerned meeting planner, you always win the coin toss!  Last week we headed into the football season comparing the star-spangled skills of an American Quarterback with you – the All-Star Meeting Planner.  We are half-way through the qualities of a quarterback list, as outlined by Football for Dummies. Now let’s take a look at the other phenomenal skills you share.

Release: Quarterbacks with amazing release have incredible coordination between arm, elbow and wrist. It tends to be a talent that one is born with; the act of throwing a football is not a natural movement, however, it is refined and perfected with practice.  Just like the incredible meeting planner, who plans an event to perfection, then releases it and watches it spin with amazing precision right into the hands of the attendees.

Height: NFL quarterbacks are tall; averaging between 6’5” to  6’7” in height.  So, okay, I am not anywhere near that height, and I am sure that this is not the standard height for most meeting planners.  But what we lack in physical height we more than make up for in the height of our obligations, responsibilities and creativity.  A meeting cannot happen without a very committed meeting planner acting as the quarterback of the event.

Weight: A quarterback needs to hold his own, as there is always a line of defenders in pursuit of bringing the quarterback down. Though meeting planners will more than likely never be physically tackled – at least I certainly hope not! – we do feel at times like everyone is in pursuit of us. They pursue us for information, decisions, ideas, analysis, perspectives and more. We are the keeper of much knowledge; that which resides in our brains holds a lot of weight and determines how each every event we plan will play out.  Our fans expect touchdowns each and every time and we pretty much deliver on that promise.

Vision: No meeting happens without vision. Vision is keeping up with the trends that matter to our meetings and our audiences.  It is keeping in alignment with the goals and objectives of our organizations and companies.   It is being prepared for “just in case” and “what if” and everything in between.  The vision of the professional meeting planner is focused and on task. It is an impenetrable force that is up to any challenge!

Without the quarterback, a team would be lost. The team would lack purpose and direction. The team would be chaotic and unorganized. The team would not have a chance in hello-my-name-is-nametags to ever score a touchdown.  When it comes to “picks,” meeting planners are definitely first pick having all the qualities of a Hall of Fame quarterback. And I for one will be on the sidelines, cheering you on at each and every game. Go Meeting Planners!

* The picture of me with Peyton manner is courtesy of Collinson Media & The Knoxville CVB. Of course, Peyton was really excited to meet me : ) Notice that I am wearing the Denver Bronco colors, just as any good meeting planner would plan to do if meeting with the Man-ning!

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