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Ice Scream for Ice Cream

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Ice cream

Shout it from the rooftops, July is National Ice Cream Month! This past Sunday, July 16th we celebrated National Ice Cream Day!

Ice cream is appropriate – always! Feeling happy? Eat ice cream. Feeling sad? Eat ice cream. Feeling nostalgic? Eat some old-fashioned vanilla ice cream. Feeling celebratory? Make sure to celebrate ice cream this coming Sunday!

After checking out Thrillist’s Best Ice Cream Shops in every State, I am ready to take a cross country road trip. Here are a few ice cream spots that standout for me:

Churn: Located in Arizona, this one caught my attention because they have pretzel cones. Too enticing! Even if you can’t get there today, at least check out their super fun website!

Quenelle: Located in California, Quenelle serves ice cream sandwiches made with funnel cakes (Whaaaat?!) and they include wine and beer as ice cream ingredients for an extra happy happy hour.

Little Man Ice Cream: This iconic Denver landmark, is located in a giant milk jug shaped building. While at their site, make sure to click on Latest Scoop for a visual delight!

8 Half Desserts: Shoyu, furikake and lychee are just a few of the exotic ingredients used to flavor ice creams at this Hawaiian hot spot. They are also known for ice cream pies.

Sylas & Maddy’s: While in Kansas, visit this ice cream spot. Be sure to read their website for what makes them unique. To give you a taste, the flavor Key Lime Pie means that an ENTIRE key lime pie was added to the bucket of ice cream. Wow!

Moomers: Traverse City, Michigan is beautiful – and tasty – thanks to Moomers. With flavors like Vanilla Malt, Amaretto Cherry and Pumpkin Chip, be ready for a paradise of dairy laden treats (and say “thank you” to all the cows roaming about while you’re there).

Sparky’s Homemade Ice Cream: In my own backyard (sort of) in Missouri, this college town offering likes to experiment. They post about featured flavors like Floral Orange, Maple Lemonade Cayenne and Spice Cake.

OddFellows: A chef is behind this New York establishment and it is obvious in the delectable and interesting daily flavors, including Buttermilk Honey Blueberry, Matcha Crunch, Olive Oil Strawberry, Coconut Kaffir Lime Leaf and Thai Iced Tea.

Mora Ice Cream: Hailing from the beautiful Bainbridge Island in Seattle, Mora was described by the Seattle Times as “Elegant ice cream made with impeccable ingredients.” For some beautiful ice cream pics, go here. I can only imagine that the taste does not disappoint!

Though not mentioned in the Thrillist piece, USA Today did show off one of my most favorite ice cream places, calling it the best ice cream shop in the world! Take a look at Ted Drewes. And if you happen to come into town, give me a call, 636-678-7661 and I’ll meet you there.

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