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Inbox Insights

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inbox insights

“How you are in your inner life is a reflection of how you do things in your outer life,” says Dr. Greenfield, Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine. Dr. Greenfield recently appeared in a segment on The Today Show which aired on January 22, 2013. He shared some very interesting insights about our inboxes and who we are. Take a look at the following to find out what your inbox says about you:

Tidy Inbox-ers regularly discard emails they no longer need, organize emails into folders, do not allow emails to pile up and actually work to keep their inbox set at zero. These folks also tend to have clean, organized closets and cars; they are the detail-oriented types among us.

Robust Inbox-ers have a very full email inbox that contains a good number of unread emails; thank goodness it is digital or else they would be buried under a mountain of envelopes. This applies to individuals who are over-extended, expansive, not so involved with details, but more big picture. As Dr. Greenfield shared, these folks tend to “focus more on the forest as opposed to the trees.”
The spot then moves onto Email Etiquette:
Splitters are those that put part of a sentence in the subject line and then continue the sentence in the body of the email. Their emails tend to get read! They peak our curiosity and perhaps our sense of closure . . . we just have to know how the rest of the sentence reads!
No Subject people tend to annoy others, so always fill in that Subject line : )
Signature Heavy folks will include not only their contact info and social media pages in their email signature, but perhaps include a quote, where they like to shop, the new hot song they cannot stop humming and more. These people want you to know who they are!
Though the segment did not cover the CAPITAL LETTER ONLY EMAILERS (stop yelling at me), those that abbr (abbreviate) almost evy (every) word poss (possible) or DYK anyone that transfers their TXT abilities into their emails OMG LOL; I found the inbox insights shared on the segment to be so interesting I just had to share them with you.
So who are you? Are you a Tidy/Splitter, a Robust/Signature Heavy? Share your own inbox insights with me on my Facebook page! Thank you to all the AMPs out there! What? You are not familiar with AMP? That would be Awesome Meeting Planner : )

*Thanks to It’s An Average Life for the image!

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