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Inter-Galactic Meeting Planner

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Star Wars

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away . . .

Meeting planner Jawa Stone was preparing to find the perfect venue for an extremely important conference of the Rebel Alliance. There were many things to take into consideration. For one, the conference must take place in a secret location, one that would be out of reach of any sizeable laser beam blasts from dark forces.

Other specs for the meeting included:

  • Several landing strips and parking for starfighters
  • Meeting space and sleeping rooms to accommodate a plethora of inter-galactic beings; including Anoo dat Prime, Gungans, Besaliks, Kaleesh and Wookiees. Rumor has it that even some Vagaaris would be showing up for this meeting.
  • Due to the many varied beings, the venue must have the ability to serve quite a variety of palettes.
  • Space set up is going to be something other-worldly to say the least. The many types of chairs and tables needed for this group is going to be quite the challenge.
  • Hair and makeup services. The Amadala-Organa speaker requires quite an extensive team to help them with their makeup, hairstyle and robing.
  • The audio-visual department must have the latest in technologically advanced holographic and virtual reality offerings.
  • All meeting materials will need to be offered in 136 different languages and over 497 dialects. There will need to be enough space in the General Session room for all of those translation booths!
  • Round the clock security will be a crucial necessity; accommodations for all security personal and their numerous forms of ballistics will need to be carefully considered.

And that’s just to name a few of the numerous specs! As daunting as all of this seems, Jawa Stone is up to the task. Though there are many meeting planners that would not want to walk a mile in her shoes (who are we kidding, Jawa Stone can’t even think about walking a mile in some of the planetary platforms she sports), Jawa Stone is a can-do kind of being and you can count on her.

So whether your next meeting takes you to Tattooine, Coruscant or Degobah (which Jawa Stone would not recommend, its swamp-like atmosphere is simply not very accommodating) – call Jawa Stone at 636-678-7661 (Inter-Galactic charges may apply).

*Thank you to Wookieepedia for all the great Star Wars info!

**For all the Star Wars fans out there, please excuse my lack of knowledge with all the intricacies involved with Star Wars – feel free to comment about your inter-galactic meetings knowledge. But, please, no “Force Awakens” spoilers for those who haven’t been able to see it yet. Thanks!

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