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Jill Stone

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Iron Man and You and I

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We all need our super heroes; both the on-screen versions and the real life champions.  Right now, Iron Man is hot! The third movie was just released, bringing Tony Stark back to the big screen and into our lives.

This got me thinking about us; that is you and I, meeting planner. We are so Iron Man!

Tony Stark/Iron Man is a quick thinker. When the bad guys kidnapped him so he would build them a weapon of mass destruction, he instead built himself an escape suit. And not just any escape suit, it had all the bells and whistles and was quite impressive! That’s us, meeting planner, we can get ourselves (and our meetings) out of the stickiest situations due to swift resourceful thinking.

Iron Man learns as he goes. As he begins his work as Iron Man he sees ways to improve upon his skills, create new tools, and do more in less time. Any veteran meeting planner will tell you that their meetings are better planned and more organized with every year. They actively seek out new tools and services available to them and use those that make sense for their unique needs. They get more sophisticated in everything they do, each time they do it. Well, then there are those extra helpful site selection managers; one wonders how anyone ever got by without them ; )

Iron Man has a suit made of incredibly strong, yet flexible material. It has a number of handy features that allow him to get the job done. The suit provides him with enhanced strength, several ways to communicate, and a radar system. It flies everywhere. It’s like meeting planner abilities contained in a wearable, impressive and glossy ensemble.

ironmanIron Man is fearless, he is a top negotiator, he is well equipped, he is ready for every situation, he understands how to work systems, he is respected, he is a hero . . . . and so are you . . . . and, so am I.

We’re tough meeting planner, we bring it on each and every day, we withstand a lot of stress and have the amazing ability to make it all look fun. Yay us! We are Iron Man!

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