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It Happened to Me; First Time in History Ever (I think)

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c5Okay, so maybe not the first time in history, but at the very least it is highly unusual and noteworthy. I, like many of you meeting planners out there, do my fair share of traveling to do each year.

Recently, I was traveling from the St. Louis airport and was worried about my ½ hour connection time in Chicago’s O’Hare airport   If you’ve ever had to make connections there, you know that O’Hare can be quite the navigating challenge, even when you have an hour to do so. But a ½ hour? Yikes!

Of course I was concerned that I wouldn’t make my connection; as seems to be the case the majority of the time, a plane will typically land as far as away from a connection gate as possible. I don’t know why this is, and how they seem to be able to arrange it so – almost every time. Anyway, back to my experience. I got off the plane and waited and waited and WAITED to retrieve my gate-checked bag, which I “carried on” intending to allow myself even more time between landing and what I thought would be my far-away connection gate. Upon finally leaving the jet bridge, I realized that miraculously, I had arrived at gate C5, which just happened to be the same gate as was my connection.  I know!  It was truly a miracle. And yes, I know the question in your head right now; I did in fact get back on the EXACT SAME PLANE.

But wait!  There’s more!

The next day, having to return home through O’Hare, I arrived at Gate – you guessed it – C5!  Amazing, right?  Stick with me–it gets better!  I then found out my connection back to St. Louis was at Gate . . . . (drum roll please) . . . . C5.  I know!  I made it through O’Hare, not once, but twice and never had to leave the gate (except to get food, of course ).

For those of you who travel, wearily, from one place to another, I knew you would appreciate this completely true, however amazing, story.  Have you ever had a crazy travel outcome you want to share? Please let me know on my Facebook page!

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