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Jill Stone

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It’s the Little Things

in: Travel and Hospitality

When packing for a trip of any kind, you may want to consider adding in a few things that take up very little room, but that could make everything quite a bit easier!

  1. packBandana – for about $1 you can purchase a bandana. These handy items can be used as a towel, hair band or head covering, lens cleaner, or even a cooling device (just soak it in some cool water).

  2. Mini Power Strip – find yourself moving the bulky furniture around in your hotel room to find the available plugs to charge a laptop, cell phone and tablet? This makes it far easier and keeps everything in one place.

  3. Duct Tape – great for suitcases that start to come apart, a quick lint remover, or baby-proofing a hotel room (put it over outlets or to keep drawers closed).

  4. Travel Mug – so you can take that lobby coffee to go, of course. But it is also great for storing small items you do not want loose in your luggage. Here is a mug that also holds your essentials!

  5. Travel Anti-bacterial Towelettes – to wipe down the doorknobs in your hotel room, clean off public toilet seats, wipe down your tray table on the airplane (trust me, this is very necessary) and a quick refresher for too-long-without-a-shower times.

  6. Safety pins – can be used as zipper pulls, button holder, cinch up long pants, and more.

  7. Earplugs will help to ensure you a sound night’s sleep; you never know when you may get stuck with noisy neighbors above, to the side or below your room.

  8. Pashmina or large scarf that you carry with you in case you end up in a chilly restaurant or store! Circle scarfs are also handy and can be worn many ways. Also consider a convertible dress; one dress, many looks.

  9. Wrist Wallet – do a search on Google and you will come up with a ton of different sorts of wallets in many colors. This is a great way to carry essentials when you do not need to be bogged down with a big bag.

Happy Packing!


*Thank you to SheKnows for the image!

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