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How many of you have sat down at your computer to write your professional bio – for your LinkedIn account or website or for one of the many other places it’s needed – and ended up looking at the cursed blinking cursor for way longer than you wish?  It is not an easy feat.

I have several versions; I have written and re-written them several times.  Some come out better than others, some reveal more of my personality than others and some also toot my horn a bit.  But sometimes, I just want to have fun with the whole thing. So, I decided to satisfy my more whimsical side and create a few new bios.  What do you think of these?

  • unnamed-20Jill Stone is a top-notch site selection manager who has been seen on several national talk shows including Oprah and Ellen. Not only did Jill participate as an ideal audience member, but also wore fabulous outfits, not to mention amazing shoes, and clapped enthusiastically at the precise right moments of time. It’s this knack for clapping that gained her entrance on popular game shows such as Wheel of Fortune & The Price is Right. Jill is always open to being an audience member for your show or just as a cheerleader for amazing meeting managers in general!  Be sure to contact her today at 636-797-3405 and she will clap for you!
  • When it comes to being a grandmother, Jill Stone may not look the part -seriously, does she look like a grandma?, but she can certainly play it! Her grandchildren have enjoyed many a spoiled moment – each receiving enough toys to open up their own toy stores. While she’s not shopping for gifts, she freely gives of her time to story-telling, hide-n-seek and attempts to play Angry Birds and Mario Brother games on various video devices. Do you need a grandmother?  Well, right now Jill has her hands a bit full, but she is available for grandmother consultations, sharing with others how to be a grandmother with flair (I mean, have you seen her shoes?). Call her for a free grandmother consult today, 636-797-3405.
  • Shoes? Did someone say Shoes?  If you did, then you have come to the right place.  Jill Stone has dedicated her life to wearing shoes and wearing them well. While sneakers and such have their place, Jill excels in the wearing of platforms. She has built a plentiful platform supply over the years and not only wears them with grace, but with a sense of style that make others think, “Who’s that fabulous gal?”  You’ve heard the saying that you do not really know someone until you have walked a mile in their shoes – well Jill has walked millions of miles in the shoes of meeting planners, and is well-heeled in all areas of site selection and meeting planning! Call her today, 636-797-3405, and don’t forget to ask her about her shoes!

I am torn.  Which one do you like best?  Let me know on my Facebook page!



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