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Jill’s Moving

in: Meeting Planning Experience

I am moving. Yes, I am moving and now blogging about it. Why? Because as I pack boxes (and more boxes, wow do I need a lot of boxes!), as I find items that make me wonder why they still exist in my house, and as I take a walk along memory lane via old photos and gifts and more, I find myself comparing the moving experience to meeting planning. Meetings and moving have much in common.

  • You have to pack and unpack a lot of boxes: We meeting planners do not travel lightly. Our events tend to come with boxes of swag, signs, displays and more. Not many people can claim to know the ins and outs of cardboard boxes and the varying strengths of packing tape choices, but we sure do.
  • It takes coordination: Much like events, everyone who is a part of it, has a part to play – and we are at their mercy to do their part. If something, like a moving truck for example, or someone, like the movers for example, do not show up, well, let’s just say it’s going to be a long day.
  • There must be food: In Meeting Planning world, the food tends to be a bit more elegant than Moving Day food, but food plays a part none-the-less.
  • Weather is a factor: I, like every good meeting planner out there, have looked up to the skies on the day of my meeting and willed for the sun to shine, for the temperatures to stay temperate and for the rain rain to go away. Same deal on moving day.
  • Contracts must be signed: Moving usually means the buying and/or selling of property. Meetings usually mean the “renting” of space for a time. Either way, there are contracts to be read and negotiated and signed (and I am really good at this!).
  • You need a good pair of shoes: Honestly, it does not matter if you are in meeting mode or moving mode; you always need a good pair of shoes!

I could go on, but I have a lot more packing to do. Happy day to you meeting planners!

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