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Keeping Your Cool

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Baby it’s HOT outside. As the temperature climbs, we seek shade and air conditioned spaces, cooling drinks and food. Here are some ideas to help you keep your cool  during these hotter than hot summer months:

Planning on enjoying an outdoor concert or show? Wet down a few washcloths, wring them out, place them in plastic bags and freeze them. To take them to your event you may consider transporting them in a cooler. When you begin to feel over-heated, wrap a washcloth around the back of your neck; you will be amazed at how effective this easy cool down solution works!

Don’t forget the simple ideas like taking a cool down shower or bath or keeping a spray bottle filled with ice and water handy; just spritz it on your face and neck throughout the day.

Inviting guests over for an outdoor barbecue? Make sure they stay hydrated by offering a nice selection of icy non-alcoholic beverages. Make interesting flavored ice teas; there are several options available – ginger peach black tea, raspberry white tea, lemon flavored green tea. Freeze lemon slices and berries in ice cubes for an attractive way to serve the water or make a spa-water with fresh mint leaves and cucumber slices.

Need some fun ways to cool down? Go see a movie! Movie theaters are notoriously cool, if not cold, inside. Meet a friend at a local cafe to enjoy a lemonade. Take the kids out for ice cream. Create a comfy space in the lowest floor of your house – hot air rises, so this will typically be the coolest place in your space.

Don’t forget your pets and elderly neighbors. Keep your pets indoors and make sure they have plenty of cool water to drink; place an ice cube or two in their water. Check on your elderly neighbors to make sure they are safe and cool. Heat waves can spell danger for some, stay aware and help those in need.

Finally, I was recently made aware of some rather unusual and, well, silly cool down tips that I would like to share with you. These are brought to you courtesy of Dale Irvin, Professional Summarizer:

Tip #1 – Keep your clean underwear in the freezer. When you step into a pair of icy shorts in the morning, you will stay cool until that first coffee break.

Tip #2 – Buy those ice cubes with the hole in the middle and string them into a necklace. Wear the necklace until it melts and then make another one. That ought to keep you busy.

Tip #3 – Since excessive heat makes it difficult to sleep at night, do your sleeping during the day. Go to an air conditioned mattress store, take an Ambien, and tell them to wake you up at closing time.

Happy, safe, and COOL summer to you! Please share your cool down ideas with us below.


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