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Let’s Talk Turkey

in: Fun

I love Thanksgiving and I love how the internet and social media sites provide us with one awesome idea after another. Here are some of my favorite notions for Thanksgiving 2014!

Thanksgiving One Week Out: Yes, I know who you are, Meeting Planner. Planners like to plan and stay ahead of the game, so here is a collection of recipes you can begin making up to one week before the actual day.

Set It Up: Your table decor is almost as important as the food. Whether you break out the fine china or use durable disposables, you can make your table festive with these ideas from HGTV, By Stephanie Lynn, and Home Stories A to Z. Also check out this handy Thanksgiving Etiquette infographic.

There’s More Than One Way to Cook a Turkey: What’s your Turkey personality? Do you want to break out the grill, involve bacon, challenge your culinary skills or go basic? Wherever your turkey lands, it’s covered here.

Side Dish Extravaganza: Pick from a plethora of at least 271 side dishes from the following sites; Food Network offers 50+ classics, Southern Living shares 102, The Cooking Channel is going with 80 and Martha claims to have 39 of the easiest Thanksgiving sides.

There’s More Than One Way to Bake a Pumpkin Pie: Our friends at Buzzfeed took on this one as well, offering the ultimate classic to pumpkin pies in chocolate crusts, topped with pralines and even one that includes bacon (I mean, why not?).

And now for some super fun ideas, I offer these:

Pumpkin Pie Slice Cookies – So cute, but for the more adventurous baker.

Rice Krispie Turkeys –If you can handle Rice Krispie Treats, you can handle these.

Turkey Treats for School Kids – Perfect for the classroom celebration.

Caramel Apple Bar – Dips and toppings for the caramel apple kid in all of us.

Printables – Got you so covered here!

T-Day Playlist – Thankful tunes to round out your day.

Slow Cooker Mashed Potatoes – Glory be! Making the mash easy.

For the Kids Table – This will make you want to sit at the kids’ table for sure!

Happy Thanksgiving!





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