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Luxury Ice Ice Baby

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Who knew that one day frozen water would become so fancy! A 2020 survey by Bosch, found that a whopping 51% of Americans declared themselves as “ice obsessed.” The ice cube has moved way beyond the standard freezer tray or gas station version. If you want a great “ice breaker” for your next event, load the drinks with some frozen luxury.

Icy Business Innovations

As the demand for quality ice has surged, businesses have literally put things on ice. Here are a few notable players:

Disco Cubes: Disco Cubes are not just clear and refreshing, they’re also etched and filled with an assortment of fruits, flowers and even jewels. Some cubes are flavored, adding an extra bit of pizzazz to drinks. The company caters to both corporate events and private parties, ensuring that guests drinks are as visually stunning as they are refreshing.

Lux Ice: Lux Ice is known for their perfect slow-melting spheres. They provide bags of clear ice orbs, that enhance the experience of sipping favorite spirits. No more water-downed drinks!

Okamoto: Okamoto supplies cubes for drinks, but they also offer ice sculptures, live ice carving for events, and even ice-themed team-building activities. It’s a whole new world of frozen creativity. They are in an ice-class all their own!

Silicon Molds: For the DIY enthusiast, there’s an extensive array of silicon molds available online. From globes to hearts to skulls to flowers and even diamond-shaped ice cubes, get creative and make ice art for your next social gathering.

Why the Freeze? The rise of luxury ice can be attributed to several factors:

Home Mixology Boom: During the height of the pandemic, some mixologist-wannabees leveled up their bartending skills by attending Zoom cocktail classes. The significance of craft ice in fashioning cocktails became evident.

Dedicated Appliances: Popular appliance brands have seized the opportunity to cater to this trend. GE’s Opal Nugget Ice Maker has become a social media darling. Meltdown’s ice ball press offers a perfect sphere – but with a high price tag. LG has developed refrigerator models that include with “Craft Ice” capabilities.

Social Influence: TikTok has played a big role in popularizing luxury ice. The hashtag #icetok has amassed over a billion views with videos showcasing ice drawer restocks to powder ice recipes.

As the luxury ice trend continues to gain momentum, we can expect even more creative and innovative offerings to hit the market. Rather than a brainstorm session at your next event, consider a brain freeze by supplying beautiful ice for drinks – it could just be the “ice-ing” on the cake of your conference!

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