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Mardis Gras!

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Mardi-Gras-Sensory-Bin-3Next Tuesday (March 4) we celebrate Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday!  Mardi Gras is a day that pretty much says, “Go crazy and feast away!” For some it is the last day before Lent, which is a time of solemn observance. Mardi Gras can mean many things to many people, but one thing for sure, it is definitely tasty.

As we all know, Mardi Gras is a big deal in New Orleans, where it is a legal holiday! Other places where Mardi Gras is a big deal are Rio De Janeiro, Baranquilla in Colombia, Port-of-Spain in Trinidad and Tobago, Mazatlan in Mexico and Quebec City in Canada.

If you are going to see the parade in New Orleans, know you will see a lot more (and I do mean a lot more) than parade floats!  It’s also a good idea to be ready and be safe, check out these tips. To countdown and keep up on what to know, what is hot and what is new, check out the official Mardi Gras New Orleans page.

It is a bit late to be in this year’s parade, but if you are hoping to show off your creative Mardi Gras genes, check out this Wikihow page on how to build a float. There is a lot to do, so you are going to need plenty of time to prepare your float for the big day.

The colors of Mardi Gras are purple, green and gold.  These colors are significant; purple stands for justice, green for power and gold for faith. The colors were either chosen by the Grand Duke of Russia in 1857 or by Rex (or King of the Carnival) in 1872 to honor the Grand Duke’s visit.  Not sure which of these are true; if it is the latter, it is said the colors were chosen, as they were the same colors as the Grand Duke’s home.   Too bad HGTV wasn’t around at the time; I would have liked to check out his digs.

Krewes and even secret societies are said to fund the Mardi Gras parade.  These groups are said to be charitable, community service oriented and benevolent.  Sounds like my kind of posse, I mean, krewe.  For more information, check out the All About Mardi Gras site.

It is guaranteed to rain beads of many shapes and sizes at Mardi Gras.  The more you catch the merrier you may be.  When you get home if you are wondering what to do with your bead bonanza, might I suggest you get crafty.

Fat Tuesday means food and more food.  If you decide to host your own party, check out Delish, Taste of Home, Home Cooking and Southern Living for some flavorsome ideas.

Like pancakes?  Well you’re in luck!  Fat Tuesday is also known as Pancake Tuesday.  This is said to have it’s origins in the Middle Ages. During that time, the faithful were forbidden to eat meat or its by-products – butter, eggs, and milk – during Lent.  What better way to get a last hurrah of such products then when mixed into a hearty stack of pancakes?  Keep an eye out for All-You-Can-Eat Pancake specials on that day!

I would love to hear what you plan to do and enjoy on Mardi Gras!  Come on over to my Facebook page and let me know.

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