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We’ve Got Is(shoes)

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As a group, we meeting planners definitely have our share of is(shoes).  Most notably, how often, how much and how many places our shoes have walked!

Before the event we will walk in the shoes of our attendees to:

  • Make sure room accommodations are well appointed, and that VIP suites are up to snuff.
  • Walk through our registration process and ensure a smooth running check in for our attendees.
  • Trek through every reception room, breakout room and ballroom to envision the space, know what will go where and create a clear vision for ourselves and all involved of the expectations to be seen and met for every minute of every day of our event.
  • We’ll walk through airports, take bus transportation and touch every aspect of the expected arriving and departing attendees.
  • A stroll or two (or three or four) through the schedule must be done in order to gauge that we are providing our attendees with plenty to do and plenty of time to network, relax and rejuvenate.
  • We will take others on some of our walks; the A/V person, wait staff, hotel managers, speakers, our own team and more.

During the event we will walk:

  • Through any food and beverage serviced event numerous times to replenish.
  • And not only walk, but many times run to handle inevitable challenges and other is (shoes) that are sure to occur.
  • To and from loading docks, to and from hotel lobbies to greet incoming/outgoing guests, to and from local restaurants and other off venue sites, to and from our own hotel room, to and from catering offices, to and from manager offices, the list goes on.
  • In the back of the house, where oddly, no one will question us, as we have on “meeting planner face” and shoes.
  • Into the hearts of our staff and attendees as they always love what we have done and planned for them.

After the event we will walk:

  • Into an airport and onto another plane.
  • Back to our homes and offices and right back into planning the next meeting.

So, do any of you meeting planners out there wear a device that counts steps? Please share with me the number of steps you’ve taken in a day of meeting planning!

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