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Meeting Myths – Meeting Myth #3

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Meeting Myths

I had once heard an informal statistic that 40% of a meeting planner’s time is spent in the site selection process. In all reality, meeting planners do not need a statistic to understand how much time is spent on this particular area. It takes a lot of time to find the venue to meet all the unique needs of a meeting. And it would be one thing is this is all a meeting planner needed to accomplish, but there are so many other logistics to organize; transportation, food & bev, speakers, swag, amenities, marketing, and printing – just to name a few.

Imagine how much more productive meeting planning would be if someone handled the site selection – and could do so in a way that did not add, but instead enhanced, your bottom line. Sounds too good to be true? Yes, I know. Though we have been conditioned to question things that sound “too good to be true,” consider that there are things like coffee and couture 😉

Of course, “too good to be true” does not come without a lot of hard work, proven techniques, and rock-solid processes in place. Over the years, HelmsBriscoe and its associates around the world have continually and consistently improved processes in order to earn our place as a global leader in procurement and site selection.

As a collective, we have read through and negotiated thousands upon thousands of contracts. Due to the volume of what we do, we have the advantage of predicting overall trends. Finally, we have earned trusting relationships with the largest (and smallest) hotel brands the world over. Therefore, we have the ability to conduct a site selection:

  • In a very timely manner (within 24 hours in the case of last-minute emergencies!).
  • That will enrich the meeting planner’s relationship with the venue.
  • Allows the meeting planner to better manage their budget.

If this doesn’t convince you, consider this – our relationships with venues and contracts come with concessions, upgrades, amenities, clauses and protections that a meeting planner may not be aware exists.

For example, as of late I have been locking in the service and gratuity charges for my clients. These charges can raise between 2 – 3%, between the signing of a contract and the actual meeting taking place. This alone can be a significant saving, especially knowing that service charges are also taxable.

Ready to take your site selection process to a whole new level? I’m here when you need me! Contact me and let’s get your site selection process streamlined today!

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