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Meeting Myths – Myth Number 1

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Meeting Myths

Some myths seem to live on for quite a long time, despite the fact that they are not true. For example, despite what you have heard, dogs mouths are not cleaner than humans mouths, listening to Mozart will not make you smarter and you do need 10,000 steps a day (though you should definitely not sit around all day either!). In my world, I continue to come across some myths that I would like to dispel.

The biggie is that I am here to take over your world . . . . . I’m not.

What I am actually here to do is to assist in finding the ideal place and space for your meeting, and then get out of your way so that you may work your magic on your meeting. Once you’ve signed on the dotted line of the venue contract, you only need engage me again in the case that you have a question, need help with an issue that has come to pass, or anything that is causing you stress (I am open to listening).

When a meeting planner contacts me, they share the meeting information that pertains to the venue; number of people to attend, number/types of sleeping rooms, number/size of meeting rooms, and any other details that pertain to the space.

I will not move on to create menus for the event, but will ask if the venue can assure that chateaubriand is within their capabilities to prepare, if this particular dish is a must have for your meeting. I will not get into the details of your a/v requirements, unless you are hoping to accommodate something massive like a projection domed screen. Your entertainment choices need not be known by me, unless you are bringing in a circus with live elephants and bears – this would definitely warrant some upfront investigation into venues that can accommodate large animals.

In other words, if there is an extraordinary circumstance that must be considered while seeking the perfect venue for a meeting, I do not need to know if whether guests will be enjoying chicken a la ’orange or soy maple salmon at the gala event.

That said, I am always happy to brainstorm ideas and share information about the great speakers I have seen, food I have eaten, entertainment I have enjoyed or new cool trends you may wish to consider while YOU are planning YOUR meeting. Notice, I am not the meeting planner in this equation, YOU ARE – Yay!

I’m here to make you look good, period. (Or perhaps an exclamation point is better here!). I’m here to make you look good! (Yes, that is better and more accurate to level of my excitement for helping out meeting planners!).

Let me help. And in case you are still on fence about engaging my services, keep an eye out. I will be dispelling more myths soon. Happy day, meeting planner!

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