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Meeting Myths – Surprises 4 You!

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Meeting Myths

Over the past three blogs, I have shared with you some myths about my services.

Okay, enough with the myths. In this blog, I want to share with you some pleasant surprises you can expect when working with your favorite Meeting Matchmaker Fairy Godmother, ie Jill Stone.

First, you don’t even need to know where you want to hold your meeting. Though some planners are focused on a particular city, some may simply want to explore Southwest USA, or even just “get away to someplace warm.” I can explore all the potential areas for you!

Next, due to our proprietary system, additional information – information that you would not even know to ask for or know that is available to you – will be included and available to you. Consider that we have placed so many meetings in so many places, we are privy to details that we feel are pertinent for planners to know.

As well, I am sure that as a planner, you more than likely have a pristine process in place when it comes to your RFP; beautifully outlined with all that you will need to have available for you meeting, your meetings history, and more. That’s great. But soon after the RFP goes out, guess what starts coming in? Great big heaps of information. Before you see any of it, I will gather it, place it in an easy to ready spreadsheet form and include pictures!

The other activity that begins shortly after RFPs are sent out, are the phone calls and emails from the venue sales managers. I am your buffer, which will save you a ton of time. I will be the first point of contact. We even include wording in our communications, requesting that you not be contacted.

Once all the information has been gathered and sent to you, and you have narrowed in on the venues you are most interested in, I will set up your entire site visit and send you full details including the names and contact information of the sales managers at the properties and city you are visiting.

This month we all had that extra hour taken away from us to due to the end of daylight savings time. I can give you that hour back and then some. Looking forward to chatting with you!

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