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Meeting Trends from HelmsBriscoe

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Meeting Planning is a “trendy” business in that keeping up with the trends is a must-do activity. No one knows this better than HelmsBriscoe. We are continually being updated, whether it be through our own organization, our hotel and property partners or simply by watching what our clients are doing; we see a lot of what is going on out there, putting us in an amazing position to “keep up with the trends.”

Today I want to share some of the trends we are seeing. These trends speak to the needs of many of my clients at this time and I keep these trends on my radar when assisting my client’s in selecting sites for their meetings.

1)     There continues to be emphasis on budgets and value. I look for sites that can realistically prove to meeting planners how what they have to offer can help an organization get the most bang for their buck.

2)     Flexibility is key. Every client is different and has their own set of needs and goals. I look for sites that are willing to work, as much as possible, within the client’s program as opposed to the other way around.

3)     Properties that can prove their value by adding in options like complementary Internet access and are willing to negotiate cancellation/attrition really catch my attention.

4)     Green is on everyone’s radar; I am intrigued by properties that offer green packages that not only save money, but also allow organizations to effectively share their efforts with attendees; all of this goes a long way to helping green become the standard.

5)     If social media is on my client’s radar, I am thankful to properties that have made connections with videographers, who can post meeting sessions on YouTube. and other social media savvy entities that understand how to bring meetings into other arenas like Twitter, Facebook and such.

6)     Team Building is many times a huge part of the meeting planner’s goals. We have seen some properties really step up to the plate and become creative, whether it be by offering culinary events with their chef or informational programs/workshops at their on-site spas.

7)     Fun! As we come out of recession-think, many properties see recreation and entertainment as highly necessary. The best offerings also keep in line with limited budgets. Even if it is simply hiring a magician to visit with your guests during a luncheon or adding just enough décor and ambience to bring a theme together, these small touches can go a long way to inviting fun back into meetings.

8)     Finally, I like to see properties that are very present on the internet. With all the devices and social media outlets available today there is no reason for a property to not have an active and updated on-line presence. Not only does make the meeting planner’s job easier, but it says that they have much to share and nothing at all to hide!

Just a few trending tips from HelmsBriscoe to you!


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