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Give ‘Em a Good Snack

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Snacks are big part of meetings, but sometimes the snacks are not exactly portable. Portability is important. Attendees may be carrying items received from other attendees, meeting notes and various items gathered at breakout sessions.

Here are some ways to ensure that your snack offerings are truly pick-up-and-go:

Trail Mix: Trail mix is a great go-to snack and can easily be served in small cups or even ice cream cones. Include nuts of all sorts, pretzels, chocolate chips and dried fruit are some good staples. Also consider chocolate covered espresso beans, nori-coated peanuts, mini-marshmallows, coconut chips, peanut butter chips, small animal crackers, etc. Even more fun, create a trail mix bar and allow guests to create their own mix, just set out containers of the ingredients and let them take it from there.

Popcorn: Yay popcorn! Set out portable containers of popcorn along with an assortment of flavored salts – ranch, sour cream and onion, smoked chipotle and more. Consider offering buttered, cheddar, caramel and chocolate drizzle popcorn as well.

Pretzels: Soft pretzels are super easy to eat while walking from one event space to another. They are especially yummy with dip. Include sweet and savory options like white icing, cinnamon sugar, nacho cheese and a salt and herb mix.

Small Baked Goods: Cupcakes are a great choice, especially when served in various flavors and colored icings. Pieces of cheesecake alternating with strawberries on skewers are another easy to eat option. Mini cups filled with layers of fruit pie and whipped cream – heavenly! How about mini-beignets with Nutella dip – yes, they’ll totally love it.

Shots: Not the alcoholic version, just the easy way to serve snacks one. Shots of smoothies, green juices, tiny root beer floats and more can be served and enjoyed quickly.

Protein Balls: Usually made with nut butters and a combination of other ingredients, including oats, coconut flakes, dried fruit and chocolate chips, these pick-me-ups will pick-them-up.

Wraps: For a heartier snack, serve cut up veggies, meats, beans and more in flour or rice wraps.

Well, there you go, Meeting Planner. And I have to run, it’s my snack time!

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