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Canna Curious about Meeting Plannibus?

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In a previous blog, I shared information about the Sober Curious movement. On the other end of that spectrum is the Canna-Curious. Pot is hot! More states are on the road to legalizing marijuana, and its use is becoming normalized – and as trends tend to go, they are filtering into the meeting space.

Have Pot No Travel

Marijuana is illegal at the federal level, crossing state lines – be it by train, plane, or car – is definitely forbidden. A word of warning, cannabis is classified as a Schedule I drug, meaning it is on the same level as carrying heroin or cocaine. Products that contain hemp-derived CBD oil, on the other hand, are perfectly legal.

Cannabis Club

So far, the big chain hotels are shying away from cannabis-friendly rooms or lounges for your stay. There are, however, some boutique hotels that are embracing it. Check out Desert Hot Springs Inn, Bud and BreakfastCannabis Hotels, The Jupiter and Hotel Teatro.


There may come a day when edibles will show up in swag bags. Cannabis promotional items are already popping up. Check out these stress squeezies, pens and keychains.

It’s 420 Somewhere

Another trend to look for may be hiring bud-tenders to set up tastings of various edibles, cocktails, and cuisine. At the bar, there may be offerings of cannabis cocktails and pot shots, which may or may not contain any THC. Then, of course, is the new fascination with cannabis in cuisine.

Aunt Mary Will Be There

The Kush Rush has created its own industry complete with conferences and tradeshows. Learn more at MJBizCon, CWCBExpo and Cannabis Conference.

To Dose or Not to Dose

Edibles tend to look quite innocent; there are those that look like kids’ cereals, classy chocolate bars,  and brightly colored candies. The same can be said for the sodas, teas and other beverages that contain cannabis. But just because they look innocent, does by no means speak to how a particular dosage will affect the imbiber.

To Put It Blunt-ly

Proceed with caution. Before offering anything THC, consider that if the inexperienced decide to get adventurous, they may not know what they are getting themselves – or you – into. There are more questions than answers at this time and overindulgence may come with a high price.

Therefore, it’s high time we start to open up cann-versations about cannabis. The meetings industry has always on the cutting edge of trends, but this is one that requires us to have a lot of spoke before the toke.

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