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Maximize your Micro-Experiences

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Pre-Covid we held some very large events. Some were so huge they would take over an entire city. And though the vaccines are serving as a light at the end of the tunnel, we are still in the time of Covid and must remain mindful of all we do.

One thing a planner can do is to create a series of smaller events. Think luxury, rare, unique one-of-a-kind experiences. These are words that will certainly appeal to your audience. The promise is to provide a memorable experience that fosters greater in-person connection.

Micro-experiences can be weaved into a larger hybrid event or stand on their own.

Here are some ideas for you to consider:

Float Your Boat: Several coastal cities have yachts, catamarans and other types of boats available for rental for an event. Check into their catering capabilities, as well as any additional services they may offer like cruises to private islands and onboard entertainment.

Conservation Celebration: Book some time at a research center, zoo, or botanical garden. As part of the experience, hire an expert to provide education about the conservation efforts of the location. Include behind the scenes tours, up close experiences with wildlife and interactive educational experiences.

Helping the Self: Like the rest of the world, your attendees have been through it. Provide your guests with a wellness program; yoga, meditation and breathing exercises, all served up in a beautiful open-air space.

Artistic Outing: Check into local galleries to learn of their connections to local artists or photographers that can take your group on a gallery tour.

Rebuilding the Team: Provide attendees with a bonfire on the beach complete with team building activities the like tug-o-war or volleyball. Take the group to a driving range and have a golf pro provide hints and tips. Check in with local CVBs to find out what’s trending in their town.

Happy Hour Q&A: You’ll find that there are many experts accustomed to frequent travel that have been “grounded” due to the pandemic. Check in with local universities and organizations to learn of any professors or thought leaders that could lend content and experience to an event. Enlist an expert to take your group bird-watching, an architect for a city tour, or a mural artist. Follow it up with a Q&A session over drinks.

These smaller events will have a low risk factor, be quite a bit more intimate and keep you in touch with your attendee base. Here’s to maximizing your micro-experience potential!

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