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Mobile Apps for Events

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Mobile Apps

At this point we have all become quite app savvy. Apps have replaced so many things in our lives, we pretty much rely on them for everything from our weather, to flashlights, to grocery lists and more. Mobile apps have also replaced many of the items we used to have to print up for events. For example, where a conference brochure and schedule was once necessary, all of this information can now be transferred to an app, saving out attendees from having even more items to haul about with them and allowing us to make instant updates as necessary.

The new aps coming your way are stepping it up even more, featuring event intelligence and data analytic platforms that will provide your event and attendees with even more functionality and perhaps offer new ways to capture that much coveted ROI for you. When you think about all the things our smartphones can do, you start to see the amazing information that can be learned about your attendees. Much of what your attendees do is trackable; you could find out what they like/dislike, where they check in, what they find interest in – all of this information allows for you to create customizable and automated marketing that will better fit their needs and create a highly favorable experience.

Such apps are very useful for sharing all the practical information necessary for your event; schedules, hours, travel information, etc. As well, all your speaker and event information can be shared, including bios, talking points, as well as up to the minute room or venue changes. Instant messaging can be added to the mix, so you can effectively communicate with all or just some of your attendees, depending upon the message. The app can also include surveys and evaluation forms to be filled out by attendees, even live Q&A platforms for use during sessions. Or course handouts, documents, notes, slides, catalogs, floor plans and more can be included in the mix. Just think of the paper you’ll save (go green!).

Another wonderful thing about the new event apps are that your conference need not end, in the sense that you now have a platform to continually engage your audience. While the app can serve to promote your next event, it can also provide updates about speakers’ and exhibitors’ activities, share testimonials and attendee success stories. Additional funds or in kind sponsorship may be brought in through advertisements.

There are a few big players in the mobile event app space. Check out DoubleDutch, Guidebook and TapCrowd. Each offers demos of their apps so you can compare platforms, pricing and functionality. Some even offer support throughout your event, including on-site moderation.

We’ve come a long way meeting planners. It will be so interesting to watch the future of our events as they go even more digital with every event!


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