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Jill Stone

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Mother Meeting Planners

in: Meeting Planning Experience

May is the month we celebrate mothers. Whether or not you are a mother, if you are a meeting planner, you definitely have a sense of what it’s like to be a mother. We are the caretakers of many when it comes to those that take part in our events.

We plan for the future from the beginning: As soon as an event is born, we are in love and are planning for its successful future.

We are concerned about your diet: Gluten-free? Vegetarian? Vegan? Allergic to blueberries? You just let us know, we have you covered.

We are concerned about your safety: Temperature checks during Covid, ensuring you know how to get safely from one place to another, clean and sanitized surfaces, we’re on it.

We want to make sure you have a good education: Workshops, breakout sessions, key note speakers with messages that inspire, whatever you need to learn, we’ll make it happen for you.

We bring toys: Swag bags!

We keep you entertained: Music, magicians, fashion show, fireworks, ice skater extravaganza, we can make any and all of these happen for you.

We want to get you to the doctor if need be: While you’re at our event, if you need medical attention, we will get medical attention right away.

We are magical: From our magical tote we can muster up staplers, band aids, screw drivers, double sided tape, phone chargers and more. From the magical storage room, we can find flipcharts, projectors, extra chairs, extra tables, monitors and more. We have the ability to control the temperature, make new plans when the weather does not cooperate and put on an event that goes smoothly and wonderfully with all in order.

We listen: When you need to get something off your mind, we’ll listen. When you forgot an important item from home, we will work to get a replacement for you. When you need some water, it’s on its way. We accommodate as best we can, wherever and whenever.

We will bend over backwards: From registration to event completion, our goal is for you to have an experience that impacts you in a positive manner.

We give out awards: Whatever you are the best at or whenever you deserve recognition, we will have a medal or maybe even a big chuck of a glass shaped something with your name on it to present to you from a stage.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there, and to all the Meeting Planners that embrace mom-like ways in all they do.



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