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Movie Night!

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Movie Night

Planners have a backstage pass to their events. Backstage is a whirlwind where fires are put out, immediate challenges are addressed and well, the stories we have to tell. From the front of the house the event looks great, the behind the scenes are usually not revealed to the audience.

For those who do not plan events, we often wonder if they now how crazy and chaotic it can be.

If you are need in some camaraderie, here are some movies that understand the amazing feats conducted to make an event happen and happen well . . . or in some cases happen horribly (there’s one of those on this list!). Pop up some corn, grab your favorite movie theater candy, settle in and stream away!

The First Monday in May: The purpose of the Met Gala is to benefit the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in NYC. Anna Wintour, Editor-in-Chief of Vogue, is the force behind this over the top gala where celebrities show up and show off high glamour.

Big Night: This drama focuses on two Italian immigrant brothers running a restaurant, which is being outpaced by a rival. They decide they must put on a Big Night featuring incredible food in order to save their restaurant.

The Wedding Planner: Starring JLo, this movie follows a wedding planner that is quick on her feet and has the ability to ensure success for any wedding – that is until she falls in love with one of the grooms.

The Ultimate Wedding Planner: Get up close and personal with a famous wedding planner named Yoshitaka Nojiri. His visions have completely changed the wedding landscape in Japan, where he creates stunning immersive and ultra-luxurious wedding experiences.

Best in Show: This is a hilarious movie about the antics and planning that goes into putting on a dog show. Fall in love with its wacky cast of characters, all consumed with the possibility of their canine being the Best in Show.

7 Days Out: This documentary provides a behind the scenes look at six of the most iconic events in the world. It’s the ultimate behind the scenes look at the planning that goes into events like the Kentucky Derby, Chanel Couture Show, League of Legends Championship, and even NASA events that are out of this world.

Fyre: This is the festival that was supposed to outdo other festivals – and it did – but in a manner that ticket holders did not see coming. The marketing of the event was amazing, festival goers spent thousands to get their ticket to the hottest entertainment, luxury villas, gourmet meals and the chance to see their favorite celebrities. Instead they stayed in FEMA tents, ate prepackaged sandwiches and learned that there was very little drinkable water. This festival was put on by a cast of highly questionable characters. Fyre was the flop of flops!

Take a break meeting planner. Get a taste of how others put on their big show, and how some plan a big no no (honestly, you’ll flip over Fyre!).








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