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Negotiation Time

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According to a recent article:

  • Average daily hotel rates will likely increase 3.2 percent throughout next year. Increases will vary by market, with the top business destinations able to command much higher prices.
  • Meetings and events spending continues to grow, with an average 4.8 percent increase expected in cost per attendee, per day, along with an average 6 percent increase in group size.

What’s a savvy meeting planner to do? In a word, negotiate. Did I just hear you sigh? Well, have I got some good news for you! You do not have to do the negotiating because I can do it for you! And here is why that is a stellar idea:

  • negotiate (1)As a company, HelmsBriscoe books way more hotel room nights than the bulk of the companies and organizations out there. So many, that we are able to secure amazing rates for our clients.

  • We have the pulse on what is going on in the industry and with the various hotel properties; many of which are considered our partners. We know who has got what going on and we consistently find the perfect place with the best rates for you.

  • We look and read through hotel contracts daily. We are always one of the first to see the new trends, new contract additions and the latest in surcharges. We see more so we can learn more and act accordingly on behalf of you.

  • With over 1200 associates world wide, we can tap into a network of professionals that are dedicated to keeping each other informed. We are rarely surprised and are always ready to create the most intriguing meeting packages for our clients.

  • Finally, working with me, Jill, makes negotiating easy and painless, and I have a tendency to throw in a good dose of fun and whimsy : )

Call me at 636-797-3405 so I can negotiate for you!


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