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Focus: New Event Careers to Bring to Your Team

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Meeting planners wear a lot of hats; but meetings have so many needs! There is now a focus on bringing aspects of an event up to the next level by adding in some event-focused faces to your team.

Focus on Social: A Social Media Manager and perhaps even Team may be needed to cover the before, during and after of an event. The various social media platforms have their own languages, acceptable types of posting, audiences and more; a team of social media experts can truly help set any event apart. Social media is also another form of customer service; people will often ask questions or send direct messages to a business account asking for information, it’s good idea to have some eyes on the pages. As well, social platforms are ever-changing and keeping up with them can be quite challenging, social experts can help to sort out when and where to pivot on social channels.

Focus on Content: Content remains a huge part of messaging and communications via the various marketing channels. A content team may consist of videographers, photographers and reporters that will interview attendees for video and grab testimonials for later use in marketing. All of these elements can come together to create many forms of content such as blogs, visuals, web content, sizzle reels and more.

Focus on Tech: Audio-Visual expertise is still a necessity, but technology now spans into many areas of an event, including registration, various special effects, aspects of stage entertainment, and apps used for communication and logistics.

Focus on Design: Meeting designers create unique and memorable experiences for attendees; think less flowers and swag and more on deeper experiences that involve a knowledge in psychology and cognitive learning. Another type of meeting designer, or more specifically, architect, focuses on overall objectives and ROI of events.

Focus on Security: It’s unfortunate, but necessary, to take the safety and security of events even more serious than ever before. Hire event security personnel; their presence will help with attendees’ peace of mind. If their services do end up coming into play, all will be thankful for their existence.

Focus on More: Every area of an event can be injected with fresh new inspiration and introspection – and there is a career focus for each. Consider each event and consider who may be brought to the table to take everything up to the next level. Looking for more diversity, hire a Diversity Coordinator. How may sponsorship opportunities grow if there was one person to develop and manage it all. For an organization dedicated to sustainability, perhaps there is a need for a Sustainability Coordinator that can aid in deepening the commitment to going green.

Build your Meetings and Events Teams with these amazing and various event focused folks!


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