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Oh My Nosh!

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food trends

Hungry for some new tasty trends? Ready to up your F&B order? Tired of your taste buds tripping over the same ole flavors? Nix the monotonous nosh with these new savors.

See Ya Sriracha: The next spice blend to watch for is Harissa which has been showing up in many foods, most notably popcorn. Harissa hails from North Africa, the spice blend is a combo of chili peppers, garlic, cumin, coriander, caraway and mint.

Natural Wine: Said to be authentic and alive as it contains minimum sulphites and utilizes no chemicals or anything synthetic in its making.

Faux-Mage: AKA Vegan Cheese or Vromages. Vegetarians and vegans can now rejoice as cheese alternatives are tough to find and well, the comfort of cheese is a thing.

Sustainable Seafood: Overfishing is a problem, as well many marine habitats are being destroyed; sustainable seafood ensures that the seafood is sourced from areas that will not cause future issues.

New Cuts: There’s filet mignon, sirloin and more. Keep an eye out for some new cuts; Merlot cut which is from the cow’s heel, bavette which is cut from the bottom portion of the sirloin or flap and Vegas strip steak which comes from the cow’s shoulder.

Veggie Forward: This trend continues to rise up on the scales as chefs across the world continue to create inventive dishes that feature veggies the star of the plate.

Asian Treats: Showing up stateside are Asian desserts like Halo-Halo which looks like ice cream but is actually a combo of ice, purple yam, beans and chickpeas topped with fruit and toasted rice; Shwe Yin Aye, aka The King of Desserts, a coconut cream soup filled with iced green rice flour jelly, seaweed, glutinous rice, and banana; and Chinese Moon Cakes made from lotus seed or red bean paste around a salted duck yolk. Should make for some interesting after dinner convos.

No Bacon No Eggs: New breakfast items are showing up at restaurants and hotels. How about waking up to grilled fish and miso soup or almond whisky buns and corned beef? Care for coffee?

Zero Waste Movement: This is living without creating waste and it is moving into the kitchen as a style of cooking that ensure there is no need for a big ole trashcan as every part of the meat or vegetable is used in the recipe.

Insect-Fare: Insects are packed with protein, they are sensible, they are low in fat . . . so there’s that.

#Instafood: By all means, make sure the food is social-media worthy so it can be posted on Instagram with the #instafood hashtag. DISCLAIMER: I cannot be held responsible for the hunger pangs that may occur due to #instafood searches.

Oh My Nosh, lettuce celebrate these awesome new trends – lol! Seriously, thanks for pudding up with my silliness. And if you need help finding a spot for your next meeting, give me a kale at 636-678-7661. Remember, I am your biggest flan.

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